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Tweeker The Speaker
Page 7

By Thomas Pohlig


We have to hurry! Gasped Pegmegs. If Tyrus finishes his army before we reach Mr. Processor, were done for. We will never be able to stand against that many diodes at once. We need a plan. said Tweeker. After some discussion we all agreed on a surprise attack. Samram, Pegmegs, and Tweeker went to distract some of Tyruss diodes. Holly and I went in search of some long wires. After we gathered what we needed, we climbed the tallest nearby chip. Okay Holly, I said. This is it. Are you ready? Ready as Ill ever be. she answered. Lets do it! We counted one, two, three and jumped! The air went whooshing by as we held on tight to the multicolored wires. Now Caitlyn! Holly screamed. Use the key! Were right over the diode! I pulled the golden magic key from my pocket and aimed it at the diode. The key sent a bolts of blue and yellow light slamming into the diode and draining it of its energy. Bulls-eye! yelled Holly. Holly and I slid down to the ground and ran over to Mr. Processor. There is no time to explain. I said, dragging him to his feet. Please come with us. We wont hurt you. added Holly. Ooookay. stammered Mr. Processor. Just get me away from Tyrus! We ran for our lives and before we knew it we had escaped without Tyrus ever seeing us.

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