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Tweeker The Speaker
Page 3

By Thomas Pohlig


Welcome, said Tweeker with his arms spread wide. Holly and I stood speechless as we looked out over a strange new world. We were standing on a sea of green, where streets of gold shot off in different directions. We saw creatures that looked like spiders with long silver legs; we saw red, blue, and purple drums that had copper legs. Some of the creatures had names printed on them like RAM, VRAM, DRAM, DIMMS, and SIMMS. We saw huge glass tubes that looked like they were glowing, and long slots in the ceiling where light was sneaking in. A rainbow of colored wires was running everywhere, twisting and twirling. They looked like giant snakes slithering along with no end in sight. Above us we could see a giant tube. It was like looking up into a sky of glass. Wow! Was all we could manage to say.

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