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Tweeker The Speaker
Page 6

By Thomas Pohlig


What is that? screamed Holly, pointing at a creature walking toward her. It doesnt look like another friend of yours, Tweeker! Oh no, its not! Tweeker yelled. Its a diode and its not friendly! Well, its heading straight for us! I shouted. Somebody do something! Caitlyn, you still have the magic key dont you? asked Samram. Yes. Quick, point it at the diode! As I did, beams of blue and yellow light exploded from the key and surrounded the diode. This caused the diode to veer up like a wild horse, then it fell crashing to the floor, drained of its energy. That was close, said Tweeker, wiping sweat from his brow. If that diode had come any closer, it would have drained all of us of our energy. Are there any more diodes where we are going? asked Holly, her voice trembling. Yes. said Pegmegs. We will have to watch out for them. Well, as long as we have the magic key, they cant hurt us. I said. Come on, we have to keep walking. We walked on for a while through all the wires and chips, then Holly turned to us and said, Its no use; well never find Tyrus the Virus this way. We cant see anything from way down here. Youre right, I replied, but I have an idea. I had to do something; so I turned and told everyone, You guys stay here and keep watch for diodes while I climb to the top of this tube. I should be able to see everything from up there. Are you sure you want to go all the way up there Caitlyn? Its awfully high, said Samram. Ill be all right Samram; dont worry. Up I went. When I finally reached the top, I stood up and looked in each direction for the slightest trace of Tyrus. I see them! I yelled, and slid all the way down to the ground. Mr. Processor is being guarded by a diode. Tyrus is nearby. It looks like he is putting together an army of diodes.

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