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Tweeker The Speaker
Page 10

By Thomas Pohlig


The sailship reached Mr. and Mrs. Hardrive in less than a minute. Quick, Mr. Processor, give mom and dad their memories back. said Pegmegs. Its already done. replied Mr. Processor, smiling. Did it work? I asked. Did we make it in time? Before anyone could answer, I knew that we had. Mr. and Mrs. Hardrive awoke and Samram and Pegmegs had their parents back once again. Just then Tweeker came running up huffing and puffing. Did you make it in time? Did you make it in time? Yes. We all answered together. Oh thank goodness, he sighed, and sat down with a thump. Caitlyn, Holly, how can we ever thank you enough for saving us from Tyrus the Virus? You dont have to thank us, Samram. I said. We had the adventure of our lives and we would help you again if you ever needed us. Right, Holly? Right, Caitlyn.

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