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Tweeker The Speaker
Page 4

By Thomas Pohlig


Then Holly screamed. Look out Caitlyn! Those spider creatures are alive, and they are coming straight for us! Run! You dont have to be afraid, yelled Tweeker as Holly ran for cover. They are my friends! Then turning to me, Tweeker said, Oh dear, Caitlyn, I am sorry. I didnt mean to frighten her. Thats okay, Tweeker. Shell come back eventually. Who are these friends of yours anyway? The first creature introduced himself. I am Sam Random Access Memory Harddrive. And this is my sister, Pegmegabites Harddrive. You can call us Samram and Pegmegs for short. It is nice to meet you both, I replied. Im Caitlyn and my sister is Holly. Where is Holly? asked Tweeker. Shes hiding. Its okay, Holly, I shouted. You can come out now! Tweekers friends are not spider creatures; they are computer chips!

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